Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri says Ross Barkley needs to improve

Ross Barkley

Maurizio Sarri says Ross Barkley needs to improve despite generally performing well in Chelsea’s 1-0 win against Crystal Palace.

N’Golo Kante scored five minutes after the break to give the Blues all three points, with Barkley coming into the XI for Mateo Kovacic on Sunday

Sarri praised Kante for his forward movement at Selhurst Park, which led to the goal, but said Barkley still needs to work on similar technique.

“I think that it was a very good movement and with the right timing. He [Kante] is so improving in this kind of movement,” he told Sky Sports.

“When the opponents defended with very low intensity, it is difficult for he striker and wingers to find the spaces so we have to arrive with a midfielder. I think now we have to work on Barkley for this movement.

Highlights from Chelsea's win against Crystal Palace in the Premier League

“I think [he played] well but sometimes, he drove the ball too much. He lost two or three dangerous balls and I think it was better to move the ball quicker. Generally, in the 85 minutes he played, he did very well.”

Sarri was pleased with how Chelsea performed, even when tested by Crystal Palace in the final 10 minutes, and now wants his team to be more consistent.

He added: “I like that we were in full control of the match for 85 minutes. We moved the ball very well and fast, especially in the second half.

Ross Barkley replaced Mateo Kovacic in the Chelsea XI on Sunday
Ross Barkley replaced Mateo Kovacic in the Chelsea XI on Sunday

“We conceded very late on to the opponents but I didn’t like that we weren’t able to keep the match so then you have to fight in the box in the last five minutes. That is a problem because we are not a physical team so it is dangerous for us.

“I think we need continuity, in the results and the performances. We need continuity in motivation and as a consequence, in determination on the pitch because in the last months, we had some difficulties to find continuity.

“We played very well or very badly and now I think it’s time to have mental and material continuity.”

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